Welcome to our OUTSTANDING Pre-school

At Cullompton Pre-School we believe that every child deserves the best start and has the best opportunities to learn with warm, welcoming, well trained staff who focus on fun and progress and work hard to ensure every child thrives, loves playing and learning and leaves us happy and well prepared for the next stage – school!

We are led by Amelia, an Early Years Teacher who ensures that we offer an exciting, stimulating, age appropriate and well laid out environment. That we have space for calm times, for chatter, for following a child’s interests, for looking after the whole family and for helping where extra support is needed.

The team set up wonderful activities that are carefully planned, changed weekly and often revisited to consolidate learning. The activities focus on learning to support where individual children are in their learning journey, what their next steps are and are informed by careful observations and assessments by all staff and especially by their key person.

We have a mixture of free flow and circle time and adult led and free play for the children – we believe that Cullompton Pre-school offers every child the chance to develop the skills they need in life – our role is to teach them to explore, to play, to learn, to think, to express themselves and to learn to make friends!