1.14.1 Biting Policy

1.14.1 Biting Policy


Policy statement


Biting can be common practice with young children especially two year olds and as practitioners we understand that there are a number of factors that can cause biting from teething pain to frustration. Staff at Cullompton Pre-School take a uniformed approach when dealing with biting.




A record of all biting incidents will be recorded in our Incident Book, signed by a member of staff who witnessed the incident and another staff witness if appropriate, as well as the parent/carer.


A record of the biting incident will also be recorded in our Accident Book for the child who has been bitten. This will be signed by the staff member who witnessed the incident and another witness if appropriate, as well as the parent/carer.  Confidentiality will be maintained at all times.


We will intervene as soon as possible to stop any child harming another child. We will explain to the child that they must not bite.  We use language that is developmentally age appropriate.


We give attention and comfort to the child who has been bitten before helping the child who has bitten, to show they are sorry for his/her actions, as appropriate.


If a child shows an on-going pattern of biting we develop specific strategies, techniques and timelines to address this and discuss these strategies with the parent/carer.


We do not label children who have bitten but we address the behaviour that they have used.


When children have been bitten, we share what has happened with their parents, explaining that the incident has been dealt with appropriately, with the child and his/her parents. Confidentiality is maintained.


A cold compress is applied to the area that has been bitten. An antiseptic wipe will be used on the area on the child that has been bitten, should the skin be broken.


We will contact the parent of the child that has been bitten and will email over our Biting Policy and our letter detailing how we deal with biting in our pre-school.


This policy has a bi-annual review period and, as such, will be reviewed and signed off at a management committee meeting of Cullompton Pre-School each year, as shown below.



Produced by Staff on: 24th February 2020 (AJ)
Adopted by Committee on: 16th April 2018


Date of next review: February 2022
Signed on behalf of the Management


A Fox
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Alex Fox
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