1.19 Smokefree Policy

1.19 Smokefree Policy


Cullompton Pre-School 


Policy Statement

This smokefree policy has been adopted by Cullompton Pre-School with the aim of:

Creating a smokefree Early Years setting that promotes and supports smokefree lifestyles.

We aim to:

  • protect all children, parents and carer’s, employees and visitors from exposure to second hand smoke and vapour in our setting.
  • support those employees and clients who are smokers and wish to stop smoking, and
  • proactively promote the smokefree agenda.

This policy provides guidance for staff and users of the setting on why we are a smokefree centre and what this means in practice. The policy applies to everyone using the premises (including all grounds and buildings) for any purpose, at any time.



In 2011, over 80,000 people in England died prematurely from a smoking-related disease. There are over 8 million people smoking in England today. And, if they do not quit, half of England’s smokers can expect to die prematurely from such a disease. Smoking is one of the most significant factors underlying the differences to be found in the health and life expectancy of the wealthiest and the poorest in our society. Prevalence of smoking amongst people in the routine and manual socio-economic group continues to be greater than amongst those in the managerial and professional group (28% and 14% respectively).*

Smoking in pregnancy can cause increased risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, preterm birth and low birth weight**. It has been found to increase infant mortality by about 40%***.

E –cigarettes and Vaping are discouraged within early years setting due to the role modelling from adults and mimicking behaviour of children.  PHE Call for appropriate regulation to ensure that e-cigarettes act as a gateway out of smoking for smokers without providing a route into smoking for children  (source PHE 19-8-15 NCST)


National strategy and legislation

This policy is informed by Healthy Lives, Healthy People: A Tobacco Plan for England (2011).   It supports compliance with Health & Safety Legislation and Employment Law. The Health Act 2006 bans smoking in all enclosed public spaces and section 2(2) of the Health and safety at Work Act 1974 places a duty on employers to:

‘…provide and maintain a safe working environment which is, so far as is reasonably practical, safe, without risks to health and adequate as regards facilities and arrangements for their welfare at work.’


What does this policy mean in practice?

Smoking, including e-cigarettes and vaping, are not permitted in any part of the premises and grounds including the entrance area to the setting or on land adjacent to the  setting (e.g. car parks, garden areas, walkway, playgrounds, playing fields etc). This policy will apply equally to future premises at the construction stage of any new building and refurbishment or relocation project.

There will be no designated smoking or vaping areas provided within the early years settings grounds.

This policy applies to young people, parents and carers, employees, visitors, volunteers, members of the public, contractors or others working or using the early years settings premises or vehicles.

The smoke free policy will apply to all activities held in the early years settings at any time regardless of whether children are present or not.

Suitable posters, displays and statutory no smoking signage will be displayed in the premises to create positive visual messages which support a smoke free working environment.

Visitors: All visitors, contractors and deliverers are required to abide by the smoke free policy. Staff members are expected to inform visitors of the policy. However, they are not expected to enter into any confrontation that may put their personal safety at risk.

Staff: Staff who choose to smoke are only permitted to smoke while off duty (in official unpaid break times only). They are expected to be out of uniform while smoking and not on the premises. Staff are not permitted to smoke at any time in public when representing or attending meetings on behalf of Cullompton Pre-School, wherever these are held.

Vehicles: Smoking is not permitted in staff members’ private vehicles while used on Cullompton Pre-School business ie home visits etc. Since 1st October 2015, it is now illegal to smoke in vehicles with someone under the age of 18 present, to protect children and young people from the dangers of second hand smoke. 

Contractors: Contractors working on behalf of Cullompton Pre-School should adhere to this policy whilst working on site or within our setting.

Working in private homes: When the employment of staff working on behalf of Cullompton Pre-School requires them to visit private homes, home visits for example, it is essential that a request be made to provide a smoke free environment while the visit is taking place or an alternative venue agreed. The client should be respectfully asked not to smoke while the employee is working within that environment. (a smoke free request could be sent to the client at the time of booking the appointment).

Support for parents/carers who smoke: Cullompton Pre-School provides the following support for smokers:

Support for staff who smoke: Cullompton Pre-School recognises its duty towards employees who smoke. This smokefree policy has gone through a consultation process with staff about its content and the type of workplace information and support smokers need.


Where parents/carer’s or staff who smoke do not wish to quit Cullompton Pre-School will highlights the dangers of second hand smoke, for instance giving information about and offering advice on the smokefree homes agenda.


The Devon NHS Stop Smoking Service can be accessed by calling 01884 836024.  Clients can also call the national NHS Smoking Helpline number on 0300 123 1044 or log onto www.givingupsmoking.co.uk. Help on offer includes:

  • Information about smoking cessation methods
  • Group and individual support sessions (these maybe available on site)
  • Advice and support whilst on the smoking cessation programme and post-quitting support
  • Access to nicotine replacement therapy and stop smoking medication on prescription

Implementing the policy

Responsibility for implementing this policy rests with our Chairperson/Committee. Day-to-day responsibility for implementation lies with our Pre-School Leader. Clear signs are be displayed to ensure that everyone entering sites and vehicles understand that smoking is not allowed anywhere on-site.

Job advertisements will include reference to the smoke free policy and indicate that adherence to it will form part of the contract of employment.


Disciplinary Action

Any member of staff refusing to observe the policy by smoking in unauthorised areas will be liable to disciplinary action in accordance with Cullompton Pre-School’s Disciplinary Policy.  In the event of a breach of the policy by a visitor or staff member of other organisations, they should be asked to extinguish all smoking materials. If they continue to smoke the matter should be referred to our Pre-School Leader and Chairperson. Those who do not comply with the smokefree law may also be liable to a fixed penalty fine and possible criminal prosecution.


Monitoring and review

The following will be monitored:

  • that prospective employees are advised of the policy
  • that this policy forms part of the induction programme
  • that job advertisements, job descriptions and contracts of employment, refer to the non-smoking conditions
  • that information provided to staff explain the non-smoking arrangements
  • that there is effectively located no smoking signs that indicate the site is smoke free.

This Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure that it continues to meet its aims. The Whole Organisation Smoke Free Policy Co-ordinator is Amelia Joyner and can be contacted via the office or on 01884 35018.


*Statistics on smoking, 2011, The health and social care information centre.

** Board of Science and Education. Smoking and reproductive life. The impact of smoking on sexual, reproductive and child health

***Levels of excess infant deaths attributable to maternal smoking during pregnancy in the United States.  Salihu HM, Aliyu MH, Pierre-Louis BJ, Alexander GR.


This policy was adopted at a meeting at Cullompton Pre-School on 31st March 2011.




Reviewed by Staff on:


12th September 2016 (MW, AJ, LB)
Reviewed by Committee on:


3rd October 2016
Date of next review:


September 2019
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Sarah Lush
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This policy has been amended to a three yearly review period and, as such, will be reviewed and signed off at a management committee meeting of Cullompton Pre-School each year, as shown below.






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