Transition to school comments from parents July 2022

*** has loved his time at preschool comes home with all sorts of stories. He has loved spending time with his friends and continues to talk about new ones.

We have been so pleased with how much he loves school and how keen he is to go to big school

I’m happy with how she has changed so much being here

Thank you for a lovely report for *** it captures her perfectly and she has absolutely loved her time here and we are happy with the support she has received

It is so nice that *** is developing really well at Cullompton pre-school. *** loves coming to the setting and thank you for all that you have done

I’m happy with how Macie has developed over the years of being here, she absolutely loves school and loves learning new things. Cullompton pre-school is an amazing school to give them the best start in life I’m really happy how she has got on she will miss it

Thank you for all your continued support with *** he has absolutely loved coming to pre school

I am very proud of *** progress

*** really enjoys school and she loves to learn new things.

Great comments we are really pleased with *** progress and great to see he is on track with everything#

I have seen a massive development in *** at pre school She comes homes every day and gets excited to tell me what has happened She loves showing the family her drawings and I’m so happy to have seen her speech improved Thank you for everything you have done to help Brodie

He has really enjoyed his time at preschool and he’s looking forward to school.

*** really loves coming to preschool and being with his friends.

*** has loved his time at preschool and has come along so well with his speech and confidence, we are excited for his next chapter moving to school and making new friends which he loves

I feel very proud to read this and realise how well you know ***

I have loved how pre school have supported *** over the years and the relationships and skills she has learned.

Reading the above comments has made us extremely happy and proud.

Comments from New Starter Questionnaire January 2022

Such a lovely setting and staff who couldn’t be more helpful or caring towards the children and parents

The care provided is above and beyond. A family for all and a base for mindfulness learning.

I’m very happy with the care my son receives and he is very happy always to go in

I can’t express enough how happy I am with the pre school, I feel like my child is so loved and as a anxious parent the staff also make me feel at ease

The hard work and dedication from every member of staff that goes into pre school is incredible and I feel very lucky that my son is attending.

My child absolutely loves attending and the parent consultation was really useful. You all work incredibly hard and obviously care a lot for the children in your care, we feel lucky to send our child to you!

My son enjoys his time with you all. He seems to be settled and always comes home tired out and a bit muddy! He loves bringing crafts home.

They are all doing an amazing job considering what the staff, children and families have had to endure in the last 18 months due to COVID – well done! Keep up the positive spirit!

I notice things daily that my child learns it’s fascinating

I feel very good with all the staff and the care I receive and the support they give us.

The effort of home visits and the opportunity to join our child for a settling visit was really appreciated

Made me feel very secure as if I was leaving my child with a family member or best friend.

Praise for our social media presence

Love being able to see my daughter in action, makes me feel so proud seeing photos of her

I love the up to date content regarding what new things are happening in preschool, and the community interaction with the posts.

Seeing a glimpse into the day/week of learning our little ones have had.

Very informative and it’s nice to be able to talk to my son about what you have been doing.

In depth info on what they have done and what they will be doing. Aids conversation at home.

The blog and gallery are helpful to see what’s offered at preschool but the parents consultation and learning journey will tell me how my child is developing and progressing.

Comments from Facebook

Staff are so friendly, helpful, so good with the children – so glad my daughter went there

Cullompton Pre School are incredible. Ofsted outstanding, consistent, and incredibly dedicated staff and gorgeous outside facilities too. Absolute asset to this town.

Cullompton Pre School are amazing, I have sent all 3 kids there and they absolutely loved it – amazing staff.

Cullompton Pre School is amazing – both my daughters went there and loved every minute.

Transition views 2021

We are so proud of how *** is doing at preschool. I love to see her drawings and creations that she makes and she is always happy to show us. I am excited for her to start school but a little sad this means the end of preschool I love brining Phoebe here, all the staff are lovely, friendly and helpful

*** has really enjoyed his time at preschool, he has made huge progress and we are very proud of how far he has cone

*** has come along so well and so far with the help of the staff at Cullompton Pre School. At pre-school he seems stimulated and more controlled with the help of Amelia. I’m so proud of how far he has come

So proud of *** he has learnt so much since he has attended this preschool and made lots of lovely friends

Since *** started preschool she has loved every minute and hates missing the days she can’t go

*** has absolutely oved her time at preschool and it’s been lovely to see her confidence grow and heat all the great fun things she gets to do at preschool *** loved to talk about all her friends and what they have done together

I’m very pleased with how *** has come along since joining pre school

*** has had a great time at preschool and has enjoyed every day. She will miss all the ladies and her friend – thank you for everything

We are very pleased with *** progress since starting pre-school. His confidence has grown so much and it has also helped with his physical strength too. The preschool have always been brilliant with any issues and prompt to reply to emails with any concerns

Thank you so much for helping *** grow into a cleaver and confident girl. She absolutely loves pre-school and she is going to miss all the ladies and children

*** has always loved coming to preschool, forming relationships with the ladies and other children, She has blossomed since coming here and we couldn’t be prouder thank you

*** loves preschool and I have seen him grown in confidence shouting and playing with the other children in the queue and saw him very comfortable and happy in the environment when I joined in with forest school.

*** absolutely lobes attending pre-school, every day she tells me all about the fun and interesting activities she has done and all of the things she has learnt She is really looking forward to going to her next adventure to primary school.

*** utterly loves preschool, which she is absolutely ready for school she will miss the setting and all the ladies massively. *** has come on leaps and bounds at preschool and I can’t speak highly enough of everyone’s input into her development

When *** first started preschool he has trouble leaving me but as the months went on he has loved being there. He talks about all the fun things he’s done and is very proud of his work. I would like to say a thank you to all the ladies and I know he will miss you all

*** has loved his time at Cullompton pre-school. Thank you for all your support to us all as a family. He has really come on in recognising and writing words, we will miss you

I am very proud of *** and where she is in her learning, pre-school has played a massive part in this and *** absolutely loves preschool, she’s always excited about going an learning new things

Feedback from parent questionnaires

“The settling in process was great, we all feel involved as a family – my child was made to feel very welcome and loves coming to pre-school.

I found the settling in process excellent, keyworker and all staff are very reassuring for child and parents.

Keyworker was amazing with my child when she started having a wobble in the mornings which quickly solved the problem.

My son was happy overall with the nursery settling and the staff friendliness. He likes to talk about his days at nursery and seems happy/satisfied when he is in there. The parents evening was brilliant and I had all my questions answered

We found settling in great. Our keyworker has done a great job comforting our child on her first few sessions and she now goes in really eager and with no trouble or tears

I found the settling in and new parents evening to be really good, very informative.”

Transition Comments from previous years.

“My daughter has really come on leaps and bounds thanks to all the lovely ladies here. Keep up the wonderful work ladies xx” – Laura

“My little girl LOVES preschool, and has asked to go MORE in September. As for us as parents we love their caring, professional and inclusive attitude. 😁” – Amy

“My daughter loves going to school they have help her so much with her speech and her hearing she has improved so much! It’s such an amazing school! Would recommend it to anyone” – Jessica

“My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Cullompton Pre-School I shall genuinely shed a tear on her last day next week before moving on to primary school. Thank you all at Cullompton Pre School!” – Sophie

“Our Two children have been to Cullompton Pre school. It’s an amazing school with Lovely staff. Thank you all guys for Amazing work! Our kids have had very special time.” – Nail

“Such a brilliant preschool. Amazing staff. I cannot recommend this preschool enough. They have made sophie feel so welcome. Helped settle her in and help her grow into the girl she is today. The staff are so kind and patient and ensure the children have plenty of fun whilst learning. Amazing!!! Xx we will be sad to say goodbye but will be back with my 2nd when the time comes x” – Vanessa

“A preschool truly deserving of its outstanding rating! After having one son go here & love it, it was the obvious choice for our youngest. Amazing staff & support, the progress made since he started here is astounding. Really given him encouragement & support in all areas, adapted to help with additional needs & gone above & beyond our expectations. Know they have given him a head start as he moves onto primary school come September.” – Becky

“Excellent pre school lovely atmosphere. The staff are fantastic with my little boy. Treat all children as individuals and help and support where needed. Amazing team all round and couldn’t ask for a better place for my Son to go. Highly recommend” – Katie

“My little girl has been at this pre school for the last 18 months and she absolutely loves it. The staff are amazing! They are very friendly and approachable. I will be very sad when my little girl starts school in September she has enjoyed every minute there and has learnt so much. I cannot recommend it enough!!” – Gemma

“The most dedicated and caring team of staff you could wish for looking after your little one. They treat every child as an individual and do everything possible to help them reach their full potential. Couldn’t wish for a better preschool for my little girl, she loves it.” – Kim

“Has to be one of the best preschools. My two eldest have gone here and my youngest will start in September.” – Charlotte

“A brilliant, bright, well organised and welcoming place.” – Rosie

“My son absolutely loves it at Cullompton pre school. All of the staff are so friendly and it is an engaging and stimulating environment for little ones to learn.” – Frances

“Love this preschool, both of my boys went here, such a lovely atmosphere, and the staff are lovely to.” – Aimee

“Both of my children love this pre school.. it has a great atmosphere, dedicated staff, high motivation, fantastic play based learning and equipment Highly recommended!!!” – Kirsty

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