Charity work and donations

We are a registered charity and we do not make a profit on our work here, in fact due to low funding from the government we sadly lose money.

Here are some links to news articles and stories from the Early Years Alliance which highlight our issues.

Alliance files new ICO complaint following DfE refusal to release new funding information | early years alliance (

Alliance welcomes the launch of The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood | early years alliance (

In order to save as much money as we can we ask for donations from our families of the following items – in the words of Tesco – “Every Little Helps”! We also collect surplus food from Tesco and Aldi which we can use for snack and share with our families who need some extra help. We apply for grants to help us buy new equipment which is expensive and we have just heard that we have been successful for the Tesco Blue Tokens box for October – December which will give us £500-£1500! Please do use the tokens if offered as that money will mean we can put even more resources outside for the children.

You can also join our committee which is a fantastic way of understanding how pre-school works and hearing all the plans we have. You can help fundraise which is vital and help support the whole committee as an Officer – Chairperson, Treasurer or Secretary or as a committee member.

Donations of the following would be gratefully received please:-

Fruit or baking ingredients


Spring bulbs

Tiny plastic pots for a new project

Shaving foam

Coloured sand

Food colouring

Googly eyes

Stationary for the children

shiny silver bangles or mug trees and curtain rings

Christmas ribbons and bows and wrapping paper and labels and cards and stickers

Any kind of pipe cleaners

Lovely pen sets and interesting biro’s and gel pens and bingo dabbers