Children’s Interests

We love to hear about any areas that interest and inspire your child! We have built our own curriculum of ideas below but please do email me to add any more topics of themes that you think we can us to create awe and wonder in our pre-school world!

We have started our list for our curriculum over the coming months.

Our world

How things work, how plants grow, how things are made, factories, manufacturing, where things come from – milk/cows

What grows what is made – harvest, weather, farms across the world, vegetables, gardening books.

Cooking and baking – world foods


Transport – boats, planes, bikes, lorries, trains, jets, cars.

Technology – kitchen appliances, washing machines, toasters, screen time, online safety

Science – volcanoes, weather, rocks, fossils, earth, space, sea, crystals, magnets, gravity, clouds, colour

Animals – aquariums, birds, bees

Art – artists, media and materials, dance, music, theatre

Textiles – knitting, crochet, sewing.

Books – collect lots of different non fiction from Tesco book stand and charity shops.

Music -reggae, classical, pop, rock, drum and bass, record ourselves, video ourselves, listen to the radio

Countries – cultures, art, clothes, music, religion, environments, landscapes, food.


Jobs – walk around and visit shops, invite people in

Environment – climate changes, recycling, wind power, electricity, gas. Oil rigs

Being Safe

Hygiene – teeth, bodies, hand washing, virus, bacteria, personal care


Being healthy – our bodies, exercise, teeth, heart, lungs, nutrition, diet, operations, bones, muscles, ligaments, blood, brain, nerves.

History – Vikings, cavemen, castles, knights, Stonehenge.