We love our amazing outside space as and we are really lucky to have two purpose built gardens, the garden we use for most free flow it the garden you see as you come in. This is full of challenge, obstacles, climbing equipment, a state of the art new nest swing, a mini veg and flower garden, a fantastic pathway for riding bikes and scooters and lots of other equipment to engage and fascinate your child.

We plan really carefully for our outside space so that the children get a good balance of experiences, from being busy on the bikes, washing the bikes and car, making a car park, selling car park tickets, organising the cars and bikes by numbers and playing traffic lights or road safety games.
We also plan a role play activity outside such as – pirates, theatre, home corner, restaurants, cafés, shops, art and craft stations, garden club, beach shop, campsites and we even build an aeroplane once! We decorate the garden, tidy the garden, take care of the toys outside. We also have mini games going on to keep everyone busy and learning – building car ramps, rivers, ice trays, painting, talking, reading in our cosy book nook and cooking up a storm in our mud kitchen.

The back garden is kept free of toys and bikes and we use it for circle times based on nature and for reading stories. We use our willow dome for games and treasure hunts and we spend time in the back garden looking for our frogs, spotting birds, listening to the noises in our environment. We love reading in the log circle and exploring the pond together. We run Forest School sessions in our back garden and more info is available on the Forest School page. We also hold our annual “releasing our butterflies” garden party where we wave good bye to our hatched butterflies. The back garden is a special place for the children.