Home Learning Ideas

This page is devoted to sharing ideas with you on how to help your child learn and play and develop at home.

You can read a story every day and at bedtime too and chat about the pictures and the characters and ask questions

You can watch TV together and talk about what is happening while you watch, sitting together. Play hide and seek, make a den, play I-Spy, look at photos on your phone Look at non fiction books, count the stairs or the apples and the peas on your plate! You can enjoy messy play – make mud pies or use shaving foam on the table or in the bath, you can make playdoh (recipe below) or gloop (water and cornflour mixed together), use little figures for pretend play or dressing up for role play, make pretend cups of tea with water in a tray or mix petals to make a pretend perfume, explore the garden, go on a walk, go to the park and to soft play. Let your child help to tidy up, cook with you, chop up fruit and go shopping together!

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage guidance – your child has a learning journey which we complete for you and is available to you at any time and we organise parents evening’s and chats termly and share home learning ideas tailored to your child as an individual.

Here is a great (but big!) document which is a parent’s guide for you on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

What to expect when – 0-5 a Parent’s Guide

There are some fantastic websites that will give you lots of activities and games and ideas but these can be quite overwhelming at the sheer amount of ideas that are there.

Here are some of the websites

Hungry Little Minds – Simple fun, activities for kids aged 0 – 5

Activities for babies, toddlers and children – BBC Tiny Happy People

Here are some of our leaflets which lay out some good ideas as well

Strong for School 2022

Read, Chat and Play 2022

Our Ethos 2022

Maths leaflet 2022

Literacy leaflet 2022

We will add some more great activity ideas in September as we start our year and these will be updated termly in line with our goals and planning via our preschool curriculum and there will also be lots of info on our weekly blog to give you inspiration too.