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Spring Term Week 8

Spring Term Week 8

We have really enjoyed our week here with lots of real highlights in our week! One highlight was World Book Day – we usually go out for a trip to the library which sadly couldn’t happen this year but we had a great day seeing […]

Spring Term Week 7

Spring Term Week 7

We have been blessed with fantastic weather for our first week back after half term! What a shame we didn’t have this weather for half term as well! We hope you all enjoyed your time away from rushing to Pre-school and we are really happy […]

Spring Term Week 6

Spring Term Week 6

We are pleased to reach the half term holiday with all of our families safe and well and COVID free! Let’s hope that we can all enjoy a good half term and that when we come back on the 22nd we have a good idea of what might happen with the primary and secondary schools. We will be welcoming back most children after half term, with more coming back when their siblings are able to go back to school. This half term has been quiet with around 20 children in a day, rather than our usual 36!

We have had a brilliant week, albeit a very cold one when your turn comes to be outside but we have wrapped up warm and played in our new construction area which has warmed us up nicely! We have some good equipment and have come up with some brilliant castles and buildings and this will continue after half term too. We have also set up a fantastic safari area where we are learning about lots of animals and enjoying role play and craft too.

Circles times have been supporting that learning as well using the animal theme to practise our drawing skills, learning about rainforests and different habitats, we have also talked about different birds and weather in different habitats too. The Star group have talked about Tigers and read The Tiger who came for tea, sung 5 little ducks and made their own little ducks and learnt about animal habitats, sorting the animals into where they live.

The animal display will go up outside after half term and we have some wonderful quotes from the children for it!

Enjoy half term and we are open again on the 22nd February.


Spring Term Week 5

Spring Term Week 5

The week has been a really brilliant one, we have all really enjoyed the Fairy Tale theme, it has been great to read the observations and see the work created and the fun the children have had and the buzz about the same topic around […]

Spring Term Week 4

We have enjoyed a fantastic week, despite the heavy rain and showers we have been able to get outside most days and enjoy the fresh air and a good run around! We have played in the Space are undercover, really enjoying the lights in the […]

Spring Term Week 3

We are glad to have re-opened and very thankful that there were no further COVID cases and we can get back to normal! We understand that for some families keeping your children at home during this full lockdown is right for you and we will look forward to welcoming you all back soon! I hope that the home learning sheets we have sent will give you some ideas for activities at home and please send us photos and videos as we love to see them and print them off for your child’s special books. We also hope that the progress updates have been nice for you to read – we have certainly had some really wonderful feedback and the staff worked really hard on those during our week of isolation!

We have had a busy week at pre-school – learning about Space and enjoying the new space station outside undercover which is looking fantastic. Inside we have been making salt dough cookies for our shop and enjoying lots of role play. We have been singing and dancing and exercising and taking part in lots of fine motor activities through the free flow time too. There is a new car to play in outside too!

We have re-started the mini Forest School sessions which involve a small group going out to the back garden on a Thursday and Friday afternoon, all kitted up in their wet weather gear and warm hats and enjoying the experience of outdoor learning and practising all the safety skills they will need for the full sessions with a fire in the Summer Term.

We have kept our 3 circle groups going and the children are learning very well indeed – lots of fantastic concentration and talking and lots of children are really growing in confidence to share what they know with us and to ask lots of questions and tell us all about their home lives.

The Star group is quite small at the moment with some children staying at home but the children who are here are loving their time – they have enjoyed story sacks, matching patterns, animal patterns, animal boogie singing and dancing and learning about feelings.

The Sun and Moon group have learnt a lot about technology this week with some brilliant comments about who is in charge of the remote control, how phones need “chargering” (not a typo!) and how one Mummy spends lots of time looking online for things to buy for her son!

The Moon group took selfies and then used a very smart mini printer to print them off immediately which they loved! They also enjoyed a story sack, laughing away when the Hungry Caterpillar was eating up all the food, Yoga was great fun and the children were brilliant at the poses. The Sun group also learnt about time and clocks and played some games on the ipad – taking turns beautifully to trace out letters and numbers. They also enjoyed colour mixing magic and some rhyming as well.

We will be continuing with Space next week and looking at the planets so for home learning you could have a look at the planets online, learn the names of some and we will be making some planets next week. We will also be working on shapes so have a look while you are walking to preschool for shapes on road signs, in your home and the shape of the signs around pre-school and for numbers on doors, on registration plates and in the shops. We are also learning about being healthy so will be talking about exercise, hygiene, sleep and what foods are healthy and what foods are a treat.


Spring Term Week 1

We had a very unusual end to our first week back after Christmas, everyone was happy to be back and settled and then the government introduced the next lockdown. This threw us into a strange situation as unlike the schools we remained open to ALL […]

Autumn Term Week 14

What a fantastic last week we have had, full of Christmas fun and joy and music and dancing! Today we finish for the Christmas break for two weeks and we are due back Monday 4th January to start the new year 2021! Do keep an […]

Autumn Term Week 13

This week has been so much fun, dominated by practising and then performing our Christmas Nativity on Thursday – twice! We absolutely loved being in the Church and huge thanks to St Andrews for making it work for us and setting up the live stream so that parents could watch from home. It went very well indeed, the children were amazing, they sang and danced their heart out and what a treat for us all to celebrate together and share that with you. We hope you enjoyed watching it – the recording of each performance will be on our website shortly and you will have an email with a password.

The children all walked back so well holding our hands all the way back from the Church and then enjoyed a party with a snack and games before going home with their handmade gifts and present from Father Christmas.

It takes a lot of commitment from all of the team here to make it all happen so as always a big thank you to them.

We have still been learning and playing as well, making lots of Christmas craft and learning what our elf names would be and making badges! We have played more bingo with letters and numbers, learnt about feelings and how to deal with conflict over toys and how to be kind. The children have danced and sung and ridden the bikes and pushed each other in the Polar Express train, they have played musical bumps, Santa Says, enjoyed having the train track out, the aeroplanes out and learning all about colour too.

Home learning – to support our learning here you could make pictures of the different seasons and have a look online for photos to print out and stick in, or chose photo memories from your phone for each season and email them in.

Next week is our last week and will be filled with fun and songs and music and dancing and Christmas craft so carry on wearing Christmas clothes if you would like to and thank you for the kind gifts we have received this week – we are very lucky and those choccies and mince pies certainly helped us re-fuel after the two performances on Thursday!

Enjoy your weekend and see you all next week!





Autumn Term Week 12

We have enjoyed a really Christmassy week here and the children have been making lots of decorations for home and for pre-school. We are trying to send home more of what they do make so that you can keep it but we do save quite […]