Our hourly rate is currently £5.90 per hour, this is reviewed every year.

2 Year Old Funding

We are approved to take children who are in receipt of 2 year old funding.

For more information on the funding and to check if you may be eligible please click here or call Early Years Funding on 01392 385530.

Early Years Funding

Your child is eligible for the Government’s Early Years Funding from the term after their third birthday. Each child is entitled to 15 hours, which can be shared between a maximum of 2 providers/settings. When you start at Cullompton Pre-School, you will be asked to complete a Children’s Information Form (CIF) and provide us with  an official document which verifies your child’s name and date of birth. The CIF and a copy of your documentation is then sent off to Devon County Council, they then produce a Head Count form, each term, listing children who are eligible for funding. You will then be asked to sign this Head Count form to state how many hours you will be claiming for the term at Cullompton Pre-School (and at another provider/setting if applicable).

For more information about the funding click here.

Early Years Pupil Premium

We are now able to claim extra money for children whose families are on particular benefits such as income support, jobseekers allowance and a number of other benefits.

The funding will be used to improve outcomes for any disadvantaged 3 or 4 year old child.

We aim to use the extra 53p per hour per child to improve that individual child’s outcomes.

We have the freedom to spend the money in the best way for each child and there is the opportunity to really be creative and expand resources, work on communication and language specifically, focused training can be bought in, new approaches to staffing such as allowing our Early Years teacher Amelia, or other specialised staff members to be free to work with specific children, we can develop new experiences or equipment.

We will work with our local schools and research how best to use the money.

Our Pre School Leader Amelia has attended local authority training on how best to utilise EYPP funding.

We believe that really good high quality experiences at Cullompton Pre School will make a difference to individual children and using the extra EYPP money helps us to provide exciting and motivating activities and experiences using our well trained and committed staff in the right areas.

So far we have used the money to:

  • Buy in tennis coaching for the children
  • Fund 1:1 support for 3 children
  • Partly fund a new housekeeper who enables trained key workers to spend more time with their key children

All new parents will be asked to complete a Early Years Pupil Premiun form when they join the pre-school.