Induction Process

We thought it may be helpful to give you an idea of our induction process and the different steps we go through if you would like to join us at Cullompton Pre-school.

Parents complete a registration form – once received back by the Pre-school we will hold you on our waiting list.

Most children start with us in September, you can start throughout the year at anytime as long as we have spaces. We do not save spaces for anyone and follow a fair Admissions Policy.

We offer places to children the week after their 2nd birthday. We have a limited number of spaces each session (AM and PM sessions) for our 2 year old children. 2gether funded children will get priority on these sessions and then we offer other available sessions in date of birth order.

We will contact you in April / May to start the induction process prior to your child starting in the September.

We invite you to attend a New Parents evening – this will be held in June. This meeting is held for parents to come along and meet with staff and committee members and to hear how the Pre-school is run and what paperwork is needed to be completed before your child can start with us.

Home Visits – we offer all parents of children starting with us a home visit. 2 members of staff come and visit you and your child in familiar surroundings and get to know your child a little better. The home visit last for 20mins.

Session Visit – You will then be offered a session visit where you come in with your child to meet your child’s keyworker and other members of staff and to familiarise yourself with how a session is run. We ask parents to stay for the whole session so they can talk about it at home with their child.

Start Date – Your child will start with us on an agreed date. As each child is different we will work with parents on settling them into the Pre-school, this will take longer for some than others but we want your child to be happy and settled with us at the Pre-school.