Summer Term Week 1 Newsletter 2021




 Contacts – You can contact us on (01884) 35018. The Pre-school mobile number is 07927057415.  We can also be contacted at Our website address is See our website for general information and our weekly blog and photos of what children have been doing and learning. ‘Like’ us on Facebook to see regular updates of our session activities.


We hope you have all had a lovely break over Easter – we are excited to welcome everyone back to the first week of our Summer Term!


Committee Meetings – The next committee meeting will take place on zoom at 7.30 pm on Monday 26th April.  We will need new committee members from September onwards so if you are even a little bit interested in helping us you might like to join us for a meeting to see how they run.  It’s so easy to join us on a zoom meeting – let us know if you’re interested, we will send you a link via your email ….. when it’s time to join the meeting simply click on the link!


Fundraising Meeting – We are holding our first summer fete zoom committee meeting tonight to make plans for our Summer fete.  If you would like to attend future meetings regarding the summer fete please let us know so that we can arrange for you to have the link to join the next meeting.


An enormous thank you to everyone that has already returned their sponsorship form for our sponsored bike ride event next week.  It’s still not too late to return yours.  Please don’t worry if your child doesn’t ride a bike, they can ride a scooter, they can push a dolly in a pram or they can hitch a ride with a friend.  Once your child has completed their laps, we will return your sponsorship form to you so that sponsor money can be collected. All monies raised will be spend on new resources for all the pre-school children to enjoy!

Our main pre-school email address has changed to Please amend your records.



Cullompton Pre-School are on Facebook!  If you ‘like’ us you will be able to view our regular updates of our activities at pre-school.  Unfortunately, staff will be unable to accept any friendship requests from families of children currently attending pre-school and/or whose children may attend in the future.


If your child is starting school in September – Over the next week a member of staff from the office will be asking you for consent for us to display your child’s name and their nominated primary school.  This will be displayed for other parents to see.  This is useful so that you can see which other children are attending the same primary as your child.  Of course, if you do not wish your child’s name to be included in this display just simply cross your child’s name off the list.


End of day collection – Please note that parents who stand in the queue on the right-hand side of the path (those that also have to collect from primary school) will be given priority at collection time.  Please wait to be called forward by a member of staff in the office when it is your turn.  Please share this information with other people that collect your child on your behalf. Thank you for your co-operation.

Reminder for parents and carers – please remember to wear a facemask at drop off and pick up times or whenever you need to pop into reception.



Now that we have started to enjoy the warm weather again, we would like to remind parents of our policy regarding sun cream.  You will recall that you previously signed a Sun Cream Agreement form for your child which reads, “Cullompton Pre-School staff will not be able to apply sun cream to your child during session times.  It is the responsibility of parents/carers to apply sun cream to their child before arrival at pre-school.  There are many sun creams on the market now that can be applied once at the beginning of the day that will safely protect your child during the length of their session or day at pre-school”.  Please keep your children safe in the sun.


Date Details
April 2021  
Monday 19th April 2021 First Day of Summer Term
Monday 26th April Committee Meeting via zoom at 7.30 pm
26th to 30th April 2021 Sponsored Bike Ride Event
May 2021  
Monday 3rd May 2021 Bank Holiday (Pre-school is closed)
31st May – 4th June Half Term (pre-school is closed)