Summer Term Week 5 Newsletter 2021



Contacts – You can contact us on (01884) 35018. The Pre-school mobile number is 07927057415.  We can also be contacted at Our website address is See our website for general information and our weekly blog and photos of what children have been doing and learning. ‘Like’ us on Facebook to see regular updates of our session activities.


** New Term dates are attached to this newsletter **

If you have sponsor money outstanding, please pay into the office as soon as possible – we’re so excited to announce our grand total to you all but we’d prefer to do this once all sponsor money has been handed in.  Thank you to everyone that has already paid their money directly into our main account or handed in at the office. A huge thank you to one family who raised an incredible £300 – we are very thankful for every single £1 raised by all of our families; you are amazing!


Primary School Places – you will recall that we previously asked your permission to display your child’s name alongside their allocated primary school.  This list is now displayed on the parent notice board just inside our main reception on the right-hand side.



30 hours Funding – If you think you are going to be eligible for 30 hours funding in the Autumn term you will need to obtain your eligibility code by 31st August 2021.  If you are a single parent and working over 16 hours or you and your partner both work over 16 hours you should be eligible.  Simply visit Childcare Choices online to apply.


You will remember that when your child started at pre-school you were given a ‘parent pack’ that contains everything you need to know about pre-school.  Ideally, we would suggest that parents re-read their pack every term to remind themselves of our procedures, policies, and routines.  Having said this, we realise that for all parent’s time is of the essence so from time to time we are going to put a reminder note in our newsletter to highlight something that parents may find useful.


This week’s reminder is about sickness- Please do not send your child to pre-school if he/she has had an upset tummy or sickness.  Your child should not return to pre-school until 48 hours after the last bout of sickness/diarrhoea.  If children are prescribed antibiotics by their doctor you should allow 48 hours from the start of the treatment before returning to pre-school to allow for any allergic reaction.



We are very excited that Tesco have chosen us to receive the proceeds of their second hand book sales for May and June.  Have a look if there’s anything that interests you next time you are in the Cullompton Branch – the book sales are located in the front foyer at the main entrance.  We’ll let you know how much is eventually raised!


Priority Queuing for Pick Up

As you know we have a system where parents that need to collect earlier in order to get to primary school are able to queue on the right-hand side of the pavement. However, priority will only be given until 3 pm – if you arrive for collection after 3 pm please join the usual queue on the left-hand side.  Can we please remind parents that the priority queue is ONLY for parents that have to collect older siblings from primary school.  Thank you for your co-operation.

This week’s recipe is for

Gluten free / dairy free Tortilla Chips


Ingredients – Gluten Free Tortilla Wraps, Oil (Spray), Smoked Paprika, Salt

Spray a little oil on each tortilla wrap on one side.  Sprinkle some smoked paprika and a little bit of salt on the wrap and then cut into smaller pieces (triangle pieces if possible).  Continue with each wrap and then put onto a baking tray and bake for around ten minutes at 180oC.


Date Details
May/June 2021  
31st May – 4th June Half Term (pre-school is closed)
July 2021  
Saturday 10th July Our Summer Fayre
Monday 19th July Last day of Summer Term