Supporting Positive Behaviour

Behaviour is a form of communication. When a child is well behaved and engaged with their parent they are saying, without words, that they are loved, happy, content and enjoying your time and your attention. Conversely, challenging behaviour can often be sending a different message. It is often hard to work our what needs your child is expressing and what to do to help them. It can be stressful and worrying and frustrating.

All behaviour is a form of communication. If your child is behaving in a way that’s difficult to manage, it might mean they are: 

  • Tired. 
  • Hungry. 
  • Nervous. 
  • Upset. 
  • Coping with change. 
  • Trying to understand the world.  
  • Wanting to spend time with you 

We often talk about ‘tantrums’ or ‘meltdowns’. These can make parents feel very anxious, especially when out and about. Different things can provoke tantrums or meltdowns. But they are both ways of your child showing that they are feeling out of control and overwhelmed.  

Help your child process emotions

Your child’s behaviour might change if they are struggling to process emotions. Acknowledge it’s OK for your child to have these feelings. 

Try helping them identify their emotions by name. This can help them express what they’re going through, which makes it easier for you to understand where their behaviour may be coming from. This means you can help them with strategies to support their emotions.  

There are lots of useful links here which offer excellent advice and we are extremely experienced at pre-school in working with children to promote positive behaviour and helping children with their emotions.

We have lots of ideas and tools to help you at home and can refer to for support at home with the Children’s Centre in Cullompton too.

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