Spring Term Week 10

Our week has been full of play and learning, with some gardening, more planting, learning about growth, learning about numbers, exploring real food and cooking, learning about being kind and we are still settling back into a busy pre-school life post lockdown for schools!

The children are being fantastic but it is a challenge for some who find the higher numbers difficult and for some children who have just come back into the setting so we are working really closely with all of the groups and carrying out lots of great activities with a focus on learning all around the pre-school. We have our Moon room open during each free flow session which can be a quieter space for children with an adult there to support learning and next week this room will be home to lots of lovely Easter craft and sensory trays and chatter. The Sun room is also our current base for role play and the farm shop this week has been fantastic – thank you for all your donations. Outside is also well planned for and this week have had a numeracy focus – playing number games, making number craft for the trees and enjoying a numbered obstacle course amongst other games!

The circle times are always a lovely focus for each morning and afternoon and provide the children with a calm space to learn and enjoy a really huge variety of activities which are all based on the curriculum that we follow but planned by the group leaders to really inspire the children and create a sense of wonder about each session.

Moon group – have been learning how to stop different patterns and match them, learnt about Spider plants and how the have extra shoots that grow into new plants, they have explored the plants in our own back garden and then drawn them and learnt about where food comes from.

Sun group – have made number CD’s, counting out gems from a big pile to match their number, made an all about me – talking about themselves and what they are good at, been shopping in our pretend farm shop and then helped to chop up the veg and made soup and made a lovely vase with fresh wild flowers collected from our front garden.

Star group – have been exploring the sounds of different instruments, learning about what grows in our garden, enjoyed learning the butterfly life cycle and a butterfly dance, painted to wheels on the bus and to music and practised how to use one handed tools safely.

We still run our Mini Forest School sessions for small groups and this week they have been making owls and drilling the wood themselves.

Next week we will have a focus on mark making outside, painting on the fence, using water to mark make and big chalks on the patio. We will also be learning about Easter and enjoying the pretty colours and crafts that are popular at this time of year. To support our learning we would love it if you took photos of numbers on your front door and the name of your street or numbers on the road or of road signs too and sent them in to us amelia.cullomptonpreschool@btconnect.com