Spring Term Week 3

We had a very enjoyable week teaching topics on our red table during free flow time – we are working on collecting info on what the children’s interests are so that we can make exciting plans for them over the coming weeks. We have areas of learning that we then slot into those topics or ideas and this helps us to support the children in their learning and to get them ready for school in the Autumn.

There are some areas that you can practice at home that will really help us too – please take your children to the park to build co-ordination and strength, please talk a lot to them about what you can see, how to be safe, point out numbers and letters on road signs and at the shops, talk about pre-school rules, talk about how people feel and how to take care of each other, teach the children to us a knife and fork, teach your child to put on their own coat and shoes each morning and offer lots of praise all through the day for positive behaviours! We will back you up on all of this at pre-school and your little ones will leave us full of confidence for their next step!

Our topics this week included birds, the world around us, space, under the sea, transport and animals – they loved the “Space” theme the most so we have now tidied away our vet role play and will be launching ourselves into space with lots of craft and role play through the next two weeks – please send in any books you may have at home.

The vet role play was brilliant outside, we had wonderful interactions with the children and some really imaginative role play. We made beds from shoe boxes, drew X-rays, took care of animals and bandaged them up and made appointments.

The blue room was home to large scale worlds and we made huge train tracks and made a town and a beach all using the children’s imagination and our junk modelling.

Circle times are busy as always and we work hard to split groups at times and split activities to ensure that all children have a good circle time with focus and learning.

Green – Chatted about how to look after our friends, during stories practising filling in missing words, noticing simple shapes and learning about different animal patterns.

Red and Blue – lots of exercise, timings, time, clocks, watches, heart rate work, learning how to put on our coats and shoes, colour mixing and rhyming and counting and more timing, learning about how drones work and playing with robots and walkie talkies too. Chat about what we know about the oceans, RSPB bird watch and mini forest school too.

Another busy week and we would love donations of rubber gloves, balloons, shaving foam and wall paper paste please!