Spring Term Week 4

Space has dominated our week and the children are learning a huge amount and taking a really active role in the space station outside. We love teaching them about a topic as it helps us develop their communication and language skills, listening skills, creativity comes into the activities, looking at books, watching rockets take off on kids tube, space yoga so working on physical development too and some good old fashioned singing and stories within the theme!

We have also worked hard on our health and being fit this week with activities in the green room supporting that – dancing and moving, gymnastics sessions, hula hoop crawling (photos on the blog I am sure!) and an exercise CD designed for children this age. We have also changed out routine at lunchtimes too – instead of separating into two groups based on “going home” and “staying for lunch” we are now offering the children a choice of “quiet story” or “dancing” and it is really lovely to see the children who want to be active laughing and moving around – getting out all the wiggles before sitting for lunch and then really rewarding to read a story to the quieter gang who want a little rest before lunch after a busy morning! The children know what they want and we are finding the time is used more effectively for them all.

Green circle – made shape patterns and pictures, enjoyed lovely story times, learnt about animal patterns and learnt new songs too.

Red and blue circles – we have been learning about space, making our own planets, looking at robots and drones, we face timed each other and some parents and face timed Mandy in the office too! We learnt about dental hygiene, time, enjoyed story sacks and learning about star constellations

We will be working on taking care of toys and our environment next week so do have a chat about that at home if you can, we will be enjoying clay, technology toys, construction outside and more space role play. We would love to go for a walk to Tufty Park next Thursday and Friday if you can volunteer to help us – we like to have a 2:1 ratio when out and about so would need 6 parents probably to help the group. It is nice to go for a walk and explore, chatting away as we wander to the park.

Parent Consultation weeks start on Monday so we look forward to sharing how your child is getting on with you, and showing you our hard work that forms their special book and learning journey.

Two weeks to go until the February half term and we are also looking forward to a visit from Moo Music on the 13th and 14th Feb to finish off a busy first half of the Spring Term.