Spring Term Week 5

It has been a wonderful week at pre-school, full of sunshine, space, rockets, animal craft, construction outside, sand play, potion making, puzzles, valentines curiosity cube, child led choices in the blue room and frozen dinosaur eggs have been the big hit of the week!

The group of children we have really enjoy having an area where they can choose to play with different toys rather than us planning a specific activity, we keep to a theme to ensure there is learning taking place and use the opportunity to also develop their skills in tidying away and taking care of the environment. We have also done a litter pick in the garden this week and have spent time in our mini growing garden looking after it, tidying it up, re-building the bug hotel and harvesting the last of our leeks.

Green group have been busy making some wonderful butterfly pattern pictures, they have danced away to the animal boogie, used the parachute to dance with, sorted shapes and loved an obstacle course in the back garden. They have practised their size vocab and knowledge and worked hard to complete hard puzzles.

Red and Blue have also done a lot of moving this week, lots of tricky obstacle courses to learn and this develops their listening and attention skills as well as their co-ordination. It is so important that your child is strong physically before school, that they can climb up the climbing frames and crawl along the floor on their tummy and jump off blocks and balance as well. Some of the red group make hedgehogs or porcupines during the week and some children made wonderful animal craft items during the circle times as well. Lots of learning new vocabulary and chatter about where animals live and what size they are and what is our favourite!

Next week is the last week before half term and we will be doing some gardening now that a little bit of sunshine has appeared! We have lots of requests for donations please –

Compost (- urgent please), spring bulbs, flower seeds, veg oil, cheap coloured hair gel, black paper, cornflour, shave foam, old keys, cream of tartar, food colouring!

I would also like to say a huge thank you to all the parents who are helping us out with cleaning our toys, we have a huge amount to get through each week so it is very much appreciated.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and see you next week!