Spring Term Week 6

Happy Valentines Day! We have enjoyed chatting to the children while making some lovely heart based craft and thank you to Amy Ley who made some beautiful valentines cupcakes as a fundraiser for the pre-school.

This week has been as busy as always with lots of role play – hairdressers, space, pirates and shopping! We have also enjoyed sensory play on the red carpet in free flow and outside we have been learning about gardening and planting bulbs and made seed bombs.

The green group have been experimenting with colour mixing, learning positional language, large scale drawings, and loved dancing away to the animal boogie!

The red and blues have been making animals from clay and playdoh, they have made valentines cards and had great fun learning about capacity and volume and weight. My favourite comment – a voice from the bathroom…..”Amelia Amelia¬† –¬† look at my poo – it has sunk Amelia!” after a circle time based on what floats and what sinks!!

We have had the instruments out as well which has been fun and we have explored the rain and the muddy puddles and added fairy liquid and colour to the puddles.

We have also been working on rules at pre-school and being independent. The children are encouraged to hang up their own coats and to put wellies in new buckets rather than kick them off and abandon them on the floor! Please do have a practice at home if you can for putting shoes on and off and hanging up coats if you have low pegs.

We hope you all have a lovely half term, we are closed next week and open again on Monday 24th Feb.