Spring Term Week 7

Welcome back from the half term holiday, we hope you all had a lovely week off!

The children have settled back in and we are working on new areas this half term to support development through lots of activities and play! We are focusing on developing confidence and listening and attention skills. This is a really important area and we will be sharing ideas with you on how to develop these skills at home – we are seeing a trend of these skills taking longer to develop than they did a few years ago and some research recently points to the use of electronics by us as parents and by the children as a possible cause! It is a worry so we will be looking for some lovely ideas so that you can help at home. We are also working on our strength and co-ordination, how to be safe and healthy. A focus next week on World Book Day and literacy activities here and hopefully a trip to the library if we have enough parent help for the reds and blues. We are learning to recognise numbers and letters and to represent them on paper and will be learning about the natural world around us and developing our imagination!

This week we have loved weather craft and science on the red table, we have also enjoyed animal craft in the green room during free flow – this group of children love to make and create and learn about a topic!

Reds and Blues have been very busy – lots of pancake fun – real and pretend! Lots of listening and attention games, recognising numerals, planting primroses and our seed bombs that we made last half term. We have also practised our writing by making name badges.

The Greens have been working on learning to follow directions by playing games and learning number songs, they have been learning about growing looking at flowers and enjoyed a story sack as well.

We were lucky enough to be given three trees by Tesco so we have also planted those in our garden.

Next steps are coming out from your key person so please support your child to learn at home and help their progress here.

Next week we will be making lots of craft from stories, we will be getting stuck into our mud kitchen, doing more gardening and enjoying a bi-lingual story.

Donations wise – we would love some fruit/herbal tea bags, pipe cleaners, old keys, the plastic lids from empty wet wipe packs, fresh herbs, flowers, bulbs, vegetable seeds and cress seeds please.