Spring Term Week 8

We have really enjoyed our week here with lots of real highlights in our week! One highlight was World Book Day – we usually go out for a trip to the library which sadly couldn’t happen this year but we had a great day seeing everyone on their costumes and see the efforts people had made, we know not everyone likes dressing up but all of the children were smiling all day and some used our dressing up clothes as well. Another highlight was meeting a cockerel called Bubble – he came to visit us on Wednesday and spent his day being looked after by the children and being fed cornflakes and left over snack and he delighted the children with lots of “cockadoodle doo’s” throughout the day! We have also been learning about growth and we have some enthusiastic gardeners too – our cress has germinated after a couple of days and the children are thrilled to see the green leaves appear as if by magic! The children also loved our mixing station this week – we have been working with petals, cereals, herbal teas and have created some lovely potions and mixtures – fantastic observations from this activity station.

We are moving on from animals as a theme to transport for two weeks, before moving onto Easter. For transport we would love you to take photos of interesting cars or lorries or bikes while you are out and about for your daily exercise. If you can find dumper trucks or excavators or any other heavy machinery that would also be brilliant! Please email them in to me amelia.cullomptonpreschool@btconnect.com and we will use those for circle times.

You will be given your child’s next step for home learning over the next week or so and please send your feedback in on the slip we give you or by email to me or to Mandy for us to share with your key person.

Next week we will also be working on cafe role play, tools and gross motor skills and transport and construction outside as well. We are also running little nurture groups for children and your key person will let you know if your child needs any support in any specific areas. We will be working on literacy and maths, friendships, supporting children in circle time, and nurturing the children who have been away from pre-school since December.

Circle times this week have been well planned as always:-

Star group – have learnt about life cycles, counting by learning number songs and have acted out stories and collected lovely interesting things from the back garden during an explore and brought them back in to talk about them. They have also copied some letters from their names and drawn their favourite foods onto plates.

The Sun and Moon groups have been learnt about how to take care of a chicken, how to grow cress, planted tomato seeds and chatted about where their food comes from. They have also enjoyed some animal crafts too and listening and attention games and chatted about World Book Day and played number bingo and letter bingo too – a busy week!

Our mini Forest School sessions are also going really well, the children love their time out in the back garden and we are excited that Sophie and Jackie will both be training as Level 3 Forest School leaders later this year.

We are now starting to build our register for the Autumn Term so if you have any friends with little ones please encourage them to get in touch sooner rather than later as we are already looking quite busy!