Spring Term Week 9

We missed writing the blog last week as our website was down but we are back online and have had a great week at preschool! I am sure you will all enjoy looking at the photos and they are a lovely picture of our week. We have enjoyed lots of activities this week – dressing up is a real favourite and we have had lots of children as superheroes around pre-school! The red table has been home to lots of strength building games such as trying to wrap rubber bands around pine cones and animals – all brilliant for building finger strength and co-ordination and we made bead towers and started to do some Easter craft as well. Outside we have taken advantage of the nicer weather to play games – egg and spoon races, parachute games, relay races and we also have our mud kitchen outside with lots of nice herbs for ingredients too.

Circle times – we have had a few circle swaps to ensure that all children are learning the skills they need and sometimes a move to Red or Blue can really help to support listening and attention and to have another go at an activity – learning by repetition is a great way to consolidate a new skill and a good way for us to check what progress the children are making and where we can take them next! Please do support your key person with the next step info – lots of parents send us photos on our email address cullomptonpreschool@gmail.com or to me amelia.cullomptonpreschool@btconnect.com to share what their child has been learning at home. We love to see the pictures.

The greens have been working on counting and recognising numbers and using marks to represent them, scissor skills and safety, dancing, name recognition and drawing and also listening games.

Reds have been learning about changes over time with some science experiments, they have also learnt about hand washing and looking at themselves and talking about differences and similarities and then producing some lovely self portraits. They explored how to create big bubbles too.

Blues have been talking about what they are good at, counting and letter bingo, they have enjoyed story sacks and have been outside learning to sit and listen and describe what they can hear. Then coming back inside and drawing what they could see and hear.

We have sent all families information on the Corona Virus and we get updates from Devon Council. If all schools are told to close by Public Health England we will also be closed. We will let you know if this needs to happen as soon as we can. If you child is unwell with a cough or temperature they must stay at home for 7 days and you must follow the Government’s advice on what to do next if you are worried. If any of our staff are unwell they will also stay at home and self isolate for 7 days. In the event that more than 2 staff are unwell the pre-school may have to close but we will keep you up to date at all times.  Please ensure that you and your family wash hands before coming to pre-school and please try to keep extra adults coming into pre-school to a minimum.