Summer Term Week 2

We have had a wonderful week here at pre-school, we had a great staff meeting on Monday where we discussed our Ethos and wrote a list of things that are important to us :-

“We work as a team, we care for the whole family, we listen to everyone’s views, we do our best for everyone, we treat all children as individuals, we give children great experiences, we build family relationships, we are approachable, we offer Forest School, we love outdoor learning, we give the children choices, we play, we love learning, we teach children to be independent, we are caring, this is a happy and safe place to be.”

I have spent a week observing the play, checking that all our planning is working and that the children are learning well and making progress and most importantly playing and having fun!

We have had a brilliant week learning about lots of different jobs, we set up a new tray for each job and talked about bakers, the NHS, dentists, vets, supermarket jobs, road safety and our lollipop lady, builders and made a home office as well.

Outside we have been using our weather boxes to explore the showers, the sunshine and the wind. There are some great photos of the bubbles in the wind, the streamers and have drawn around our shadows.

The circle times have been really varied this week

Star – Have learnt about lots of different musical instruments, explored concepts such as big/little and heavy and light, they have practised putting their own shoes and socks on and had a pretend tea party to help build imaginative play and chatted about home and different jobs too.

Sun and Moon – both groups have worked within the Pirate them for the week and made pirate hats and enjoyed pirate yoga! We have learnt about lots of different jobs, watched different instruments being played in a orchestra, and in a rock band! We have looked closely at apple blossom from our tree and painted it, we have learnt initial sounds in words and even went out of pre-school for a nature walk. For technology we have been using the ipad and Alexa which has been a great hit with lots of the children knowing how to use her and having good ideas for games she can play with us!

We have also completed our sponsored bike ride, the children did 10 laps of the outside area and we have over £1500 pledged in sponsorship which is absolutely amazing! I am hoping to use some to pay for the Forest School training for Jackie and Sophie and save some of the funds for a set of Monkey bars as well.

Forest School has created the smell of wood smoke again around the pre-school and they made tree cookies by sawing a slice of wood, drilling a hole near the edge, threading
string through the hole, and decorating the disc. Par of Forest School is lighting the fire with the children, talking about the safety rules of Forest school. The group then meet at the end of the session to talk about their time together, enjoying marshmallows cooked over the fire.

Home Learning ideas – we have sent home next steps for nearly all of the children now, Andrea is sadly off sick with a bad back so hers are a little delayed. To support our work next week can you chat to your children about mini beasts, bugs and insects in your garden, look them up on kids tube and take photos of any you spot! We will also be learning about weddings so send us a photo of your own wedding or a friends/family wedding to

Don’t forget we are closed on bank holiday Monday 3rd May. Have a lovely long weekend