Summer Term Week 4

Baking for snack time, bug hunting, gardening, watering, sand play, capacity, Forest School, minibeast sorting, minibeast making, creating with clay, stage set up, ticket making, a lot of singing, colourful wigs, learning about safety, taking care when using scissors, weather boxes (mainly the rainy one!!) and parachute games – just a few of our activities this week and this list doesn’t even include child led ideas and play!

A wonderful week of observations of friendships and chatter, the Star group are making such fantastic progress and will be ready to turn into Suns/Moons in September! You will find out after half term which group your child will move into, the two groups are equal and both enjoy the different activities that the group leaders plan.

Our circle times this week have been based on some theme work and learning other skills.

Star – have been working hard on learning shapes and spotting them in the room and outside, they have also been talking about shape characteristics and learning some good vocabulary such as massive, huge, tiny etc. They have been testing out which items sink or float and we have been chatting about road safety and lots of the children know that seatbelts are very important! Lots of chat about family too and the Stars loved their nature hunt in the back garden.

Sun and Moon – both groups have been exploring the back garden, collecting flowers and bugs, taking great care with our scissors and jam jars, we have been learning about beat and rhythm and have used Alexa as a metronome and enjoyed dancing to some fast dance music! We took a huge pile of items from our junk modelling area and made our own creations, we have practised our initial sounds work as well. The groups have made lots of different mini beasts and worked on blending 3 letter words with a robot and told stories with props from a bag. Lots of great skills on show!

Forest School has been fantastic, smelling the fire and listening to the chatter too. They have been bug hunting, exploring forest school and see who is hiding in it, they have been making spiders by sawing off a piece of wood, then using pipe cleaners, attach legs to make a spider. The children also enjoyed cooking bannock bread, mix the bannock bread – the children measuring in the flour, and the raisins – adults mixing in the milk. Each child forms their piece, and watches as it cooks on the fire.

Next week we are working on exercise and being healthy, enjoying a science week on the sun table and hairdresser role play inside (any donations of hairdresser bits would be great, old hairdryers etc) and we will be working on looking for shapes all around us.