Summer Term Week 5

This week has been full of our usual routines and fun and great activities and we have loved playing hairdressers and our science week has been a great success! We have explored ice and what makes it melt and how to get items out of the ice, we have watched raisins dance (!), learnt what dissolves in water and made tornados in jam jars. We have made appointments, straightened hair, set up a lovely salon and had our nails painted, we definitely have some talented hairdressers!

Forest School sessions have been wet and windy but great fun – the children made Hapa zome flags by placing an assortment of leaves and flowers on one half of fabric.
Fold other half of fabric over the top and then bashed it repeatedly with the rubber mallet! The children then wrote their name on the flag with a felt pen. The groups have worked on Little Pig Den building and big den building in three groups – they planned how to build a dens using straw; sticks, straw, tarpaulin and ropes. Some of the den building did have to be done inside due to the very windy weather!

We have built a creation station outside in our under cover area which has been very busy with making tickets for the theatre shows and robots and invitations and lots of snipping and gluing and sticking and making and writing.

Circle times :-

Star group had a really wonderful time out in the back garden on the one sunny day! Exploring the willow structures  – there are some wonderful photos from that circle time on the blog so do have a look. The parent gallery is up and running again, sorry for the delay – it was due to a big, much needed revamp of the computers in our office!

The Stars have learnt about shapes in the environment, played interactive games together, choosing friends and working together. They have learnt about what items are heavy and light, which sink and float, danced with ribbons and enjoyed exercise sessions using music and routines.

Moons and Sun – both groups had a long explore in the back garden too, using scissors and glass jars to promote taking care and being safe while collecting bugs and flowers and anything else they could find to put into their jars to then learn about, we used the leaf chart to identify some of the trees in our garden. The groups have also talked about family a lot, enjoyed gymnastics sessions on the floor mats and some fantastic dancing routines from Go Noodle on the ipad. We have learnt about bees, made bees and also learnt about caterpillars and made caterpillars.

Next week we are building a garage undercover so if anyone has old tools which we can use safely that would be great or car magazines like Auto trader or anything else that might be fun for us we would be really grateful. We are also carrying on with our hairdressers inside and will be making lots of mini small worlds to explore and come up with imaginative ideas of what to make and add. We will have an exercise theme in the Star room during free flow so if it is wet again we can still get active!