Summer Term Week 6

We have had a wonderful week and really enjoyed all the sunshine in the garden, we have made some fantastic small worlds on our sun table and will post those photos on facebook soon. We made a fairy world, mountain, farmyard, pyramids and the desert, an ocean scene and a teddy bear’s picnic too. We have also learnt a lot about road safety and we went on a walk to test our new knowledge and the children were great! We stopped and looked carefully and listened for cars and spotted hazards and talked about what was safe and unsafe. We enjoyed having the bikes out all day every day for the road safety week too.

We have an amazing total of £1895 for the sponsored bike ride which is really incredible – I have been looking through lots of early years catalogues and working on what we can order and how to revamp the pre-school and will be ordering some lovely things which I hope all your children can enjoy. Thank you all very very much indeed.

A real highlight of the week is the Forest School finale, we were lucky enough to invite parents along to lunch around the fire and on a walk to the river to sail the boats that we made. It was really wonderful to hear the sounds of voices in the garden again and to see how excited the children were to show their family around the Forest School garden.

We welcomed Mrs Davies from Willowbank this week which was great as she got to meet some of her children for the Autumn Term, circles have been full of fun and laughter with paper aeroplane making, stick insect yoga, learning about 3D shapes, making clay hedgehogs and our own traffic lights, we have built hoses for the 3 little pigs and looked a a video of Amelia’s pigs and drawn pictures of them, lots of dancing and singing and acting and stories as well.

We hope you all have a wonderful week off and we are back to open pre-school for the last half of term (can you believe it!!) on Monday 7th June – see you all during the course of that week.